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Ground, Air, & Systems Design

  • Drone/UAS(Unmanned Aerial Systems) design - FAA & US DOD Blue sUAS Compliant Part 107 & Part 135 Aircraft

  • Power system design & modeling - Ground Vehicle and Aircraft - Liquid Fuel, Electric, Pneumatic, & Cryogenic

  • Electrical system design - Low Volt-High Amperage Systems,

  • Data system design - 4K Camera Integrations, Long Range Communication Systems, 4G/5G Communication System Integrations, Ground Stations & A/I Interface Integration, Human Interfacing

  • Specialty Services in Autonomous Camera driven Intelligent systems utilizing object recognition(sense and avoid), damage recognition(engineering inspection), & Autonomous Operations(flight management & decision making)

Artificial Intelligence(AI) System Design

  • Physical Hardware design and Integrations - Raspberry Pi, Nvidia, Windows, Android, Samsung, Linux

  • Input Interface design - AWS, Camera Systems, Learning Databases, RTS Sensor Integrations

  • Training / Testing - Training Management, Training Databases, RTS Testing Monitoring

  • Fuzzy Logic Systems - Non-Boolean Logic Systems, Input/Unexpected Error Management, & Random Input Management

  • Behavior Cloning Systems - Human, Machine, Environment & A/I Cloning

  • Reinforced Behavior Systems - Open and Closed Loop Reinforcement, Non-Linear and Multi-State factor Adjustment methods

  • Specializing in UAS, Photographic Analysis, Ground Systems, PID Integrations, Open Loop & Closed Loop Systems


  • Customer Onsite Operations

  • Emergency Deployment Operations

  • Specializing in Drone UAS Onsite Operations - Development, Certification, Testing, & Operations

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